How did CBD oil become so popular?

CBD Oil Charlotte's Case

In 2006 a little girl was born as a set of twins, her name was Charlotte. She lived in Colorado and around one year old she started having seizures, really severe seizures. She had up to 300 seizures a week. Her mom, who did not smoke marijuana at the time, even though she was in Colorado, basically spent her life holding her daughter.

She had tried over 15 meds by the time Charlotte was two and a half years old. She had actually had her heart stop and she had done CPR. The mom was almost ready to give up and she had thought about what can I do to take away Charlotte’s pain. And so, she started looking into things and found a study on the internet. It was a video of some, who had found someone else, who had used CBD oil for dravet syndrome. Charlotte’s mother contacted the makers and initially, the marijuana growers were worried.

Are we going to give this five year old girl CBD, which comes from a marijuana plant? What would happen, if we gave this girl CBD oil, then she seized and died? So they actually spoke with their doctors. They spoke with the family as well. Finally, they decided to try it and actually after one day of using CBD oil, Charlotte didn’t seize for a week.

While Charlotte is still developmentally delayed, she has much less seizures. And this marijuana strain that Charlotte’s CBD oil was made from, went from being called back in those days hippies disappointment, they renamed it Charlotte’s Web. And then it hit the news and there was a story and this led to the epilepsy community wanting to hear about Charlotte and Charlotte’s Web and the positive effects. Which also lead the doctor community to be worried about the negative effects of the CBD boom.